So summer is around the corner...

and Black Coffee is no where near we hoped we would be by now. It's no surprise to anyone that building something from the ground up takes time. In our case a long time. In the past few months we have successfully jumped over what felt like impossible hurdles and we are nearing the door of finally hammering in nails, putting up walls and making our space in Crafted permanent. The next step is the biggest one - working along side Los Angeles Department of Health and Department of Building and Safety. While we working on our snail pace journey to finally opening up, stay connect with us through Instagram - @blackcoffeela - for daily updates and all the coffee love you can imagine. 

APRIL NEWS: an encore performance (CANCELLED)

DAnny Black and mel washington Show is canceled...

Black Coffee is in a season of hard work and tough choices. At the beginning of the year, we expected to in much different place now than we are. As time has continued to pass and the progress slow, we have had to trim, cut back and ultimately, say no to things we otherwise would LOVE to do. We thank everyone for understanding, supporting and encouraging. We are hopeful about our future as a company we will continue to update you as our progress become more substantial. With love -

March NEWS: Meeting the locals

If there is one thing...

we are committed to more than coffee, it's people. Last month we had couple musical guests roll through LA and we offered our space for them to share their talent; however, this month we opened our doors to our Los Angeles neighbors and gave them a moment to share their music and their art. Black Coffee realizes that coffee is just the catalyst for bringing people together. Majority of people from all racial and social backgrounds drink coffee and that's what we LOVE about it. We want to be an open door to all people and create a space for everyone. Our March concert series was just that. It was an eclectic night of music, art and people and we enjoyed every minute of it. We are looking forward to hosting more nights just like these and giving a space for people to come together. 


we love music...

It's rare for you to pop in our BC offices and not hear something blaring from the speakers. That's why were were so excited to put on two nights of pretty incredible music from our friends. On February 4th we had the honor of having Sekajipo For the People join us from Florida. Laura Savage joined the line up and Trey Malone premiered some of his new music. The following weekend Mel Washington came down to spread the love and we were thrilled to find Priska to open for him. This series isn't just a one time thing. We believe that coffee and art go hand in hand. As we move towards opening our retail location, we will also be moving towards bringing all sorts of artists in to share their creativity with the local community. We are so looking forward to filling you up with delicious coffee and sweet sweet music.

JANUARY NEWS: coffee 101


doesn't have to cost you. At Black Coffee, we believe in enabling your customers not just with a great product, but also insightful education. We offer a condensed coffee class that will take you on the journey a coffee bean takes from inside the fruit it's hiding to your cup in the morning. This class includes a live demonstration of four brewing processes that we believe produce an amazing flavor. Each brewing device can be purchased for under $50  and won't cost anymore time than waiting in line at your local cafe. 

We have had successful classes with companies and their employees, students and we can bring this class to you. To find out how to provide this class to your community, click here.



December NEWS: COFFEE DRAFT HOuse preview

As the rest of LA was transitioning from 2016 to 2017 in the comfort of their homes or at a local club or bar,  Black Coffee was ringing in the New Year with some of our favorite people at our Coffee Draft House Preview Party. We had been working hard the previous weeks to NYE getting ready to see our new location come to life. In a few short days, we went from 8,000 square feet of empty to space to a preview of what Black Coffee is working to become this year. We want to give a special thank you to Drunken Cake Pops for providing dessert, Trey for opening up the house, Olio for providing an incredible set for us all to rock out to, Erik Schiller for keeping us on the dance floor, Lindsay Akemi Photography for capturing the moment and last but not least, Artisan Ayla for the live art. Make sure to follow us on instagram/twitter/facebook for updates on when we will finally open our doors to the public!

August NEWS: The Heisenberg brewing lab

There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes at Black Coffee and we're finally able to share with you a little bit of what's been going on. Meet our new mobile brewing lab, The Heisenberg. As you can see, the team is hard at work assembling the newest addition to the Black Coffee family. We'll continue to keep you guys updated as we head into the future of Black Coffee.


may NEWS: rpvtv piece on black coffee (video)

RPVtv is a local educational access channel provided to the community of Rancho Palos Verdes. They recently did a piece on Black Coffee at Sea Beans Cafe in Terranea Resort. You can view the video below.



The weather is beginning to heat up in Southern California and with summer just around the corner, what better way to cool off than with some Black Coffee ice cream! That's right, we said ice cream! Black Coffee is proud to announce that we now have our own coffee flavored ice cream. Terranea Resort is the first location to carry our exclusive Black Coffee ice cream, so be sure to stop in and get some soon. It's absolutely delicious!



We recently launched our new Black Coffee Nitro brew and V-Caf Nitro brew at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. It was a huge hit at the All-Star Chef Classic event in March and Terranea wanted it in their Sea Beans cafe. They absolutely love it over there! So if you'd like to try our new Black Coffee Nitro brews, head on over to Sea Beans cafe at Terranea Resort. You can find out more about Terranea and where it's located on our Locations page. (Photo cred: Terranea Resort). 



In our latest behind the scenes episode, we take you to the All-Star Chef Classic. Held at the L.A. Live event center in Los Angeles, some of the world's top chefs gathered here to display their amazing dishes. Black Coffee LA was chosen as the exclusive coffee providers for the entire event. We also had the opportunity to have a booth at the Grill & Chill weekend event where we also launched our new Black Coffee Nitro Brew, which was an instant favorite.

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