The Black Coffee Fundraising Program partners with your local school, sports team, youth group or other organization.  We help you raise money for your clubs, projects, equipment, uniforms, and travel.  You name it, Black Coffee can help you get reach your fundraising goals.  Please read below for more info.

The Black Coffee Fundraising Brochure is easy for all ages to use.  

How it Works:

  1. Contact and meet with Black Coffee about fundraising for your organization.
  2. Receive the order forms and distribute them to your students or group.
  3. Collect order forms and payments at the end of the selling phase. Checks are made payable to your organization.
  4. Black Coffee will fulfill the orders and deliver them to your organization for distribution by your sellers.
  5. Deposit the payments and close the deal with a check to Black Coffee based on the number of items sold.
  6. Celebrate!  You just helped your organization meet its goal, and you helped Black Coffee support inner city youth.


Helping our communities is one of Black Coffee's founding principles.  We are dedicated to donating at least 10% of our profits to support mentorship and jobs training in the inner city of Los Angeles.  Our Ambassador Program is one way that we  provide jobs and extra income to youth.  This program provides hard working youth with an opportunity to join our sales team and provide additional support to our fundraising department. 

Let Black Coffee help you reach your fundraising goals.  Every bag sold boosts your profits and our efforts to become agents of positive change in Los Angeles.   

Benefits for your organization:

  • For every $12 bag of coffee sold, $4.00 is pure profit for your organization.
  • In addition, Black Coffee also uses $1 of every bag to support its  Ambassador Program.  Learn more.
  • Community improvement and social change.  You're helping to be part of the solution for change.